Moving Bootcamp Partition to New Drive

I bought a new hard drive. My Windows setup already had extensive amount of software and configurations on it that I didn’t want to remake. It worked well, which was rare, so I wanted to keep it.

Winclone is an excellent free tool that lets you do just that! Unfortunately there wasn’t much confirmation on the inter-web that it has been done with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 64-bit. So I tried just that and it worked flawlessly!

  1. Get the software from the website
  2. Go in preferences, back up to dmg but uncompressed. Remove the pagefile.sys and keep BCD and boot.ini checkboxes
  3. Select your bootcamp drive as source and save image to an external hard drive
  4. Put in your new drive and get your OS X working
  5. Use the bootcamp assistant to make a new bootcamp partition of whichever size you want
  6. Get Winclone again, go to restore, select your previous image and your new partition to restore to
  7. Boot! The disk check might take a while…
  • Wait! Don’t forget that in order for WinClone to work (unless they just barely fixed it) you have to make your BootCamp partition at least as large as the partition it’s coming from. You can make it bigger, but you absolutely can’t make it any smaller.