Free OBD2 Software for Mac

If you just picked up a generic OBD-II – USB interface on eBay and have a Mac, it is true that it is generally more convenient to access these hardware on Windows. Even embedded device developers tend to use Windows to develop against these generic FT232R chip based USB-UART devices simply because of more available supports. But worry not, it can be done on Mac (really on Linux with a more open-platform framework than Windows), it’s just a bit more complicated since it tends to come in be open-source source code rather than prepackaged self-sufficient binaries.

But in this case, it’s not too bad. You can use pyOBD, an Python open-source project. You just need some packages from MacPorts

sudo port install py26-serial
sudo port install py26-wxpython

Download and unpack the source code. And run directly with

pythonw pyobd

p.s. you need X11

  • Nelson

    Really? we can’t find someone to package this up with a Coco GUI?

  • gary

    I agree there must be some car/programing geek out there that could make this easy for us straight car geeks

  • There’s a number of projects on GitHub that kinda augments this one but none up to the level of a commercial product. Nothing super convenient is out there unfortunately.