My Take on the MB2-633 CRM 4.0 Installation and Deployment Exam

Here’s my experience on Microsoft’s MB2-633 exam which I just passed, on the second try.

First of all, as far as I can tell, the Prometric exam has 50 questions and there are only 50 questions in their question pool. The questions I got on my second try are the exact same as on my first exam.

2, it’s hard to pass by just studying Microsoft’s Implementation Guide available for free. While all the topics from the exam are touched upon in the guide, it doesn’t cover the full scope of the exam. For instance, almost 1/3 of the exam is on how to prepare and USE Outlook for CRM. The guide hardly talks about it. What’s useful, however, in the guide are the requirement lists. Every time you see a list in the guide, memorise it!

I also made use of uCertify’s practice exam. Somewhat disappointed. While it does give insight about the exam’s scope and about 1/3 of the questions are almost exam same in the exam, it pretty much misses out completely on the topics of Email and Outlook. It doesn’t feel carefully prepared either. Often time, it asks which requirements are needed to install, you’re baffled by the ‘right’ answer and while rereading the implementation guide, you realise that while it copied the answer choices from the guide, it didn’t specify in the question that you’re trying to install onto a cluster etc, missing the point of the question. In brief, lots of copy paste and it feel like it’s prepared by a secretary rather than an engineer who took the test. At least I got my money back.

What saved me on the exams are those PDF sharing sites that have small free demos of practice tests other companies are selling. For instance, on Scribd, all the results on the first page are ACTUAL questions from the exam and with all these companies combined, you got about half of the answers of the 50 question exam which you just have to memorise. Between this and the implementation guide, you have no reason to fail or pay for anything.