Moving Between Directory History in Fish Shell

Fish shell is supreme! Finally a shell whose config doesn’t look like a Perl hack. Too bad it doesn’t get much publicity.

Here’s an awesome feature. In zsh, I’d be used to doing stuff like

dirs -v
cd -2

to move between previous directories. In fish, there’s a cd – to move to the previous history but much more powerfully, you can just do alt-left/right arrow to move through your entire directory history without typing anything.

It’s boss!

How to Unpause Applications in Mac OS X

I asked this question on Superuser.com after experiencing this problem. Now it’s accessible to everyone.

When something goes wrong and you run out of memory on Mac OS X, the system puts your existing applications to pause to prevent the system from becoming unstable. After taking care of the problem and freeing more memory, you might notice that the applications you had are still frozen. To unpause them, find their PID using ps and use the kill command to revive it (irony)

kill -CONT 111

Of course, 111 here is replaced with the PID you found with ps

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