Windows 7

Can’t Ping Windows Parallels VM in Bridged Network Mode

If you can’t see your Windows 7 VM from Mac OS X in bridged mode, the problem could be the location set on your Windows 7 OS. It’s possible that with bridged mode, Windows can’t figure out the network time and default to ‘Unidentified network’ which is the same as if you chose Public and put it into a safer mode than if you chose Home or Work. Unfortunately if it were the case, you can’t really change the network type. If your VM is going to stay home and never wonder into the dangerous wildland, you can just set the ‘Unidentified network’ to be treated as a private network via:

Start -> secpol.msc
Network List Manager Policies -> Unidentified Networks
Select Private

Then you’re done!

Moving Bootcamp Partition to New Drive

I bought a new hard drive. My Windows setup already had extensive amount of software and configurations on it that I didn’t want to remake. It worked well, which was rare, so I wanted to keep it.

Winclone is an excellent free tool that lets you do just that! Unfortunately there wasn’t much confirmation on the inter-web that it has been done with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 64-bit. So I tried just that and it worked flawlessly! Read More…

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