Call jQuery Functions from Dart

The standard documentation for Dart and JavaScript interoperability isn’t great. It refers to the ‘dart:js’ library which although works is a bit verbose to get things done.

For instance, to call a jQuery function, you would need

import 'dart:js';
context.callMethod(r'$', ['.some.class.selector']).callMethod('someFunction');

The dart team has since then released the js package with which you can simply call

import 'package:js/js.dart';

Basically native syntax. Of course you have to add it to the yaml and pub get again.

Django Development Server with HTTPS

Sometimes you can’t avoid using HTTPS right starting from development (such as for developing Facebook canvas applications). You can setup Apache on your local machine and go through a bunch of trouble setting up your domain and setting up the certificate etc but there’s an easy way of using Django’s python manage.py runserver to work with HTTPS.

This can be done with stunnel that lets the Facebook server and stunnel on your machine communicate in SSL and stunnel turns around to communicate with Python in HTTP. First install stunnel. For instance in Mac OS X:

brew install stunnel

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This tutorial will help you use ABAP to connect to any web service and process the resulting output. ABAP has native support for XML so it will be easiest to get your information in XML format rather than JSON and others. For this example, I will use a CBC’s news feed but it can be Digg top stories, Twitter, anything. The XML should look something like the picture below where each news article is enclosed in <ITEM> tags. Read More…

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