Logitech Performance MX Review

Got a Logitech Performance MX on “special” at Best Buy this weekend (80$ for a mouse… what a slaughter) because I just have a laptop mouse and am tired of not having anything to rest my palm on. At first, it’s great. Looks like a race car, good performance, nice receiver, rechargeable on the fly etc. Then, something feels off… something uncomfortable. I turn the mouse over and the fatal flaw. The sensor isn’t placed at the center of the mouse but almost under your thumb… Read More…

Garmin Nüvi 250W – Review/Criticism

Nüvi 250W home screenThis is a criticism of the Garmin GPS product Nüvi and most importantly its software.

While in the fields of physical design and graphical interface, Garmin has outperformed TomTom, it seems that Garmin hasn’t bothered to pay any attention to the human-computer interaction aspects of its product. As consequence, that simple but powerful omission made the Nüvi overall THE worst commercial electronic gadget I have ever used. Read More…

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