How to Debug/Deploy WinRT/Windows 8 App to ARM Tablet

You’ve now made your app and tested it on desktop and want to use the same code for your developer unlocked the tablet. Until there’s an ARM version of Visual Studio, here’s what you can do. The basic process would be to set up a Remote Debugger service on your tablet and from a desktop on the same subnet, run on it directly. This assumes you have a development tablet device and a desktop running the same user (who also has admin rights) Read More…

Read Raw JSON Data from HTTP POST for ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API

The Web API is a good step catching up to Ruby on Rails and Django but isn’t nearly as well documented. If your posted data doesn’t match exactly a model object, it’s hard to figure out how to just get all the data out and process it yourself. Inside the

public void Post()

tag, you can have access to a Request member from ApiController and with it, you can do

JsonObject input = Request.Content.ReadAsAsync().Result;

to get the data out. A key detail is that if you do so, you cannot put any parameters in the Post method declaration or it will try to bind it to which ever parameter type you specified.

Outlook Unread Messages System Tray Envelope Icon Not Showing

The Outlook options structure is pretty arcane with all its n-levels of nesting. It’s pretty hard to find the option you want. So you had a envelope that shows you have unread mails before and it’s not there anymore. Bring it back with:

Tools -> Options -> Preferences -> E-mail Options -> Advanced E-mail Options -> Show an envelope icon in the notification area

The license code is not compatible with the installed version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This potential CRM error should typically appear if you had a CRM database, uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall with a different license type. But it can also appear if you used a different license code during the reinstall. You can get confused if you have access to multiple installations and forgot the key you used for a particular instance. But no worries, you can find you key again in SQL -> MSCRM_CONFIG -> ConfigSettings -> LicenseKey. Use that key and it should solve your problem

My Take on the MB2-633 CRM 4.0 Installation and Deployment Exam

Here’s my experience on Microsoft’s MB2-633 exam which I just passed, on the second try.

First of all, as far as I can tell, the Prometric exam has 50 questions and there are only 50 questions in their question pool. The questions I got on my second try are the exact same as on my first exam. Read More…

CRM 4.0 Read-Only / Disable / Hide Fields Based on Security Role

Suppose you want to make some fields editable for only some users in CRM forms, there is a great and simple MSDN blog that outlines how to do it.

Here’s a copy of  their code. Just change _roles and _fields to the fields’ names that you want to disable for _roles. Flip it around and enable it only for those users by changing line x to false.

Put it in your form’s onLoad event at Customization->your entity->Forms and Views->Form->Form Properties->Event, OnLoad->Edit Read More…

CRM Workflows Don’t Work, E-mails Don’t Send…

Symptom: You choose to run a workflow but nothing seems to happen and the new workflow doesn’t appear in the workflow tab.

Theory: If my CRM exam studyage served me right, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is composed of 3 parts. The application layer producing the business logic, the data layer interfacing with SQL and the async service layer doing stuff like workflows on the background (a bit like SQL agent). If the first 2 break, you won’t get your CRM site at all. When the async service layer breaks, it’s a bit more subtle like in this case. Read More…

Moving Bootcamp Partition to New Drive

I bought a new hard drive. My Windows setup already had extensive amount of software and configurations on it that I didn’t want to remake. It worked well, which was rare, so I wanted to keep it.

Winclone is an excellent free tool that lets you do just that! Unfortunately there wasn’t much confirmation on the inter-web that it has been done with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 64-bit. So I tried just that and it worked flawlessly! Read More…

DataGridView Change Cell Data Type After Binding

I don’t know actually since most of the relevant stuff becomes read-only after filling with data. But my approach is solve this as early on in the process as possible to the entirety of the data and save processing time on a custom loop after.

In other words, your DataGridView is typically bound to a DataTable. That is typically filled with stuff from the database. Make sure your AutoGenerateColumns property is set to true in the DataGridView and select your data to match the type you want to display in the DataGridView. For instance, to get checkboxes,

SELECT ..., CAST(column1 AS bit), ... FROM ...

and change the data type right out of the DataAdapter and DataGridView will figure out the rest automatically

Multi-Threading and Delegates Tutorial in VB .NET

This guide will show you everything you need to create a non-GUI multi-threaded application in VB .NET.

There are 2 ways of using multi-threading in VB .NET. First by making use of delegates which I will explain here. And second by programming the threads manually (not actually more complicated).

Using delegates, .NET helps simplify the entire process of using a separate thread and saves you from having to manage the parameter passing, result retrieving and timing issues. Read More…

.NET Compare 2 Datarows by Value Using LINQ

There are too many top Google search results giving the impression that it is impossible to compare 2 DataRows for its value contents and the programmer needs to iterate through everything himself.

Such is no longer true in .NET 3.5 but the blogosphere doesn’t seem to have caught on yet.

It is possible, given 2 DataTables or any other enumerable object types, to compare its contents using LINQ in just one line of code.

I will give an example in VB where I’d want to compare all column properties (description, data type, field length, etc) of all tables in 2 supposedly identical SQL databases. Read More…

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