BackTrack 4 Pre-Release Apache, PostgreSQL Autostart

BackTrack 4 is in pre-release and it’s a beautiful system. However, there seems to be a problem where after your first apt-get upgrade, the system will try to load Apache, PostgreSQL and other daemons on startup. Not exactly what you want when you want a clean system. To turn it off and prevent autostart:

sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove
sudo update-rc.d -f postgresql-8.3 remove
sudo update-rd.d -f dhcp3-server remove

This way, you can go on doing your thing without anything that leaves you open

Quake Style Drop Down Terminal for Mac

Update: Visor Terminal is now TotalTerminal. It’s a lot easier to configure so you can just download TotalTerminal and perform the steps below starting at 6.

The Visor Terminal, one of my most used hack-features. This guide helps you put your Mac Terminal to the zenith of usability and convenience.

Visor Terminal

Visor Terminal

The drop-down Quake-style terminal window is extremely convenient to run commands without disrupting the current workflow. Unfortunately the default install is very messy. It needs an open terminal program running in the background which can’t be closed and takes up valuable Dock space. Read More…

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