How to Debug/Deploy WinRT/Windows 8 App to ARM Tablet

You’ve now made your app and tested it on desktop and want to use the same code for your developer unlocked the tablet. Until there’s an ARM version of Visual Studio, here’s what you can do. The basic process would be to set up a Remote Debugger service on your tablet and from a desktop on the same subnet, run on it directly. This assumes you have a development tablet device and a desktop running the same user (who also has admin rights) Read More…

Never Design with Block Diagrams Instead of VHDL

Heed the warning and it will save you days in debugging with random error appearances that simply won’t go away with any numbers of repairs and recompilations because you’re simply not recompiling your circuitry!

On designing FPGAs or CPLDs on Altera with their primary software designer, the Quartus, a compilation of a multi-level circuit will result in the compilation of only the topmost level. In order a change in say the bottom level, you would have to compile the bottom level, create new module symbol, go to the next level, update the symbol, compile that level, create module symbol and move one level up until the top which obviously makes it extremely ridiculous to debug.

Read More…

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