Deploy PyQt Applications on Mac OS X with PyInstaller!

The interweb seem to incline on py2app when it come to deploying applications on mac. I’ve tried to make a single deployable .app file for my application for a long time trying to follow these instructions from ars technica. I’m not a hacker and just want to produce a deployable usable application for others to use. And it seems py2app from MacPorts wasn’t able to surmount the Snow Leopard’s 64-bit compatibility issue.

And then, I was slacking off while studying for my final and out of nowhere I found PyInstaller‘s explicit support for PyQt and its recent support for the mac. And after trying, almost everything works out without much of a kink. Credit goes to ChrisWayg who produced an amazingly complete and up-to-date set of instructions to follow. I’m merely telling how my application did using his instructions (April 2010) and hopefully doing my part to draw more attention to the excellent PyInstaller. Read More…

Empty Home Directory in Windows Using Boot Camp 3.0

ls -a

Just got Snow Leopard and installed Boot Camp 3.0 on Windows? Boot Camp 3.0 is definitely a well welcomed update. The trackpad works much better now with 2 finger tap for secondary click, it finally works like in OS X. Even better, you can now access HFS+ without third party apps in Windows. Definitely nice for Windows 7 x64 users that MacDrive doesn’t even support. But one problem that seems to trouble people in the forums is that navigating to /Users/[yourname] in Windows shows an empty folder. You can’t access your music or pictures or anything from Windows.

One possibility is the presence of a .Xauthority file in your $HOME directory. Delete the file and you may access your home directory in Windows. Remember that running X11 will recreate the file. Delete it again. Read More…

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